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* Indicates Winner in 2008 Paint the Parks competition

*Indicates Winner in 2009 Paint America competition.

Misted in May

June- SOLD

Tide's Ebb

Acadian Rhythm

October's Overview - SOLD

Morning's Walk - SOLD

The Rhythm Within- SOLD


In Greens Refreshed

Lakeside - SOLD

Lowtide Tapestry


By Autumn Woven - SOLD

June's Return - SOLD

Jordan's Pond - SOLD

Autumn's Arrival

Blue Flag Triplets - SOLD

"The Dance Within" 

Autumn's Asters


Wild Asters

"Into the Valley of the Snake"* - SOLD

"With the Tide's Return" - SOLD

Toned by Autumn I

Toned by Autumn II

Seasoned in Time - SOLD

Acadian Blues

"Guidance for Tomorrow" - SOLD

In a Spring Ritual

Into the Narrows*

For Tomorrow

Bayside Bounty - SOLD

Cadillac's Spring

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